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From Start to End, Procedures of our services are fast & secure, payment methods are flexible for customer's convenience.


Our dispatch professional will find loads from reliable sources like DAT load Boards ,123 Load Boards and many other reference

Flexible Plans

We have flexible payment options, through bank transfer, comcheck, paypal or all type of credit and debit cards

Silver Plan

Per Truck / Per Week


✓ You’re The Boss!

✓ No Forced Dispatch

✓ Payload & FSC = 100% Yours

✓ We Negotiate Top Paying Rates

✓ Setup Paperwork Fax/Email Doc

✓ Credit Checks

✓ Personal Dispatcher

✓ Request Quick Pay

✓ Request Fuel Advances

Gold Plan

Per Truck / Per Week


✓ Additional Services

✓ 24/7 Dispatch Support

✓ Request Insurance Certificate

✓ Driver Director Assistance

✓ Negotiate Quick Pay Rates

✓ Factor Setup Assistance

✓ Collection Assistance

✓ Detention Charges Assistance

✓ Unused Truck Order Assistance

Custom Plan

Describe your own custom plan for partial services

✓ You may also discuss your Custom Plan

✓ You may ask us for partial services at partial rates

Custom Plan

Trax Dispatch Services

Trax Dispatch Services is an independent dispatch company located in USA, Serving All States Of United States Of America. Trax prime objective is to deliver high-quality professional logistics services at best reduced costs for improved efficiency of businesses in USA. Trax carriers network offers wide range of equipment and features like Dry Vans, Flatbeds, Heavy Equipment and Temperature Controlled transportation.

What makes us different from other logistics companies is the relationship with our carriers.

With years of experience in trucking and freight industry, we have learned how to negotiate the best rates and how to make your freight transportation mechanism easier. Furthermore, our experienced staff provides driver communication, load consolidation, and 24/7 customer service and any other assistance required.

Be in Demand with Our Professional Team

We have experienced & professional dispatcher team, with 3 to 5 years of dispatching experience۔ Trax Dispatch Services is to provide the best loads for best rates in the market for every driver. Our expert dispatching team ensures that all drivers from any region and state will get high-quality services and best-paying loads.

Benefits Of Trax Dispatch

The financially stable leader in the logistics industry

Latest tracking technology for safe pickup and delivery

Professional staff for quick and easy decisions

7500 + carrier database

Daily carrier compliance & fraud monitoring

Quick Pay and Fuel Advance


What makes our services better than our contenders is that our services are Highly Professional & Very Reasonable regarding cost. We have multiple crafted plans along with custom plans for different needs to help you choose the one that best suits your budget and demands. We eliminate the hustle of paying 10% or more to truck dispatch service for every load. This is why our trucking dispatch services have become popular in United States Of America for all dispatch needs.

But that’s not all… If you need a Customized Plan for your specific need and requirement except the plans we already have developed, you can also contact us to discuss it.

There are lot of things that can make you frustrated like truck being stuck at truck-shops, searching load boards, calling brokers with cheap freight, waiting for emails and paying for copies and taxes. Don’t Worry at All! That’s where we take care of everything and let you deal with your business efficiently without worrying about this.

If you’re looking for the best dispatch service for owner-operators & independent truckers, you’ve come to the right place. TRAX Dispatch Services is a professional trucking dispatch provider company, serving the North America.

What TRAX Customers Have to Say


From Dallas VA, USA

The Best Truck Dispatch Service If we need something done, you can count on them. Great to work with. They helped when other truckers could not handle manage it.


From Washington DC, USA

Tried this one, last time and i must say the delivery was good and fast with no harm done to my stuff. They are the best truck service providers. Very responsible about their work.


From California CA, USA

Very good and efficient service. Quick, reliable and affordable dispatcher. No doubt TRAX one of the best dispatching company in USA


From New York NY, USA

Very nice, helpful, Courteous & punctual. Load was picked up and delivered as agreed. Great Helpful dispatcher. Highly recommend.